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Styling a bed for master suite or guest bedroom

When styling a bed you want it to look perfect, so follow these tips for styling a bed for a master suite or guest bedroom.


Everyone dreams of a beautiful bedroom and I'm sure we've all tried at least one method to create a boutique-style bed at home, and with a few bed styling tips is easy to create a hotel-style bedroom that is perfect for any bedroom and looks fantastic in a guest bedroom.

If you have guests staying over for the holidays, take a look at how simple it is to style the perfect bed for your guests or to style a bed that is cosy and comfortable all year round. And believe it or not, you can achieve the same look with inexpensive bed linens or top quality high-thread count bed linens - so the choice is up to you.





To get you started on designing the perfect bedroom by having a perfectly styled bed, we've included a video below that provides step-by-step tips for styling a bed. This video offers the latest styling tips and trends that boutique hotels use. It's all about the bed linens and how you layer these on the bed, and you can choose your own style of plain or patterned linens to re-create the look in your own bedroom or guest bedroom.

What to Shop for:

To re-create a hotel style bedroom you don't have to fork out for expensive thread count, although this does make a huge difference on comfort level.

Duvet or Comforter

A duvet or comforter will be the centrepiece of the styled bed and this is the main piece of bed linen that shows off your personal style. You can choose a colour that complements the existing room decor, as well as whether you want a plain or patterned duvet, or a textured comforter. Consider mixing things up a bit for added interest with textures or prints that adds dimension to the bed.

Bed Sheets

After the topping for the bed, the next most important item is the bed sheets. Hotels generally use flat sheets for styling beds, but you don't have to go that far to style your own bed. Place a fitted sheet over the mattress and have 2 to 3 flat sheets for use on the bed (1 for the bed, 1 in the wash, and 1 for just in case!). Rotating the sheets in this way helps extend the life of bed linen.

Co-ordinate the colour of the sheets with the bedroom decor, or keep it simple and buy crisp white sheets that can be used with a variety of bedding options. A white top sheet also helps to make the bed pop when styled properly.

Mattress Protector

Although not absolutely essential, a mattress protector will protect and extend the life of a mattress, and also add another layer of comfort to the bed.


Since you spend almost a third of your life in bed, you deserve comfortable pillows for a good night's rest. If you suffer from allergies - and this is also a consideration for a guest bedroom - invest in hypoallergenic pillows. With layered pillows you can select different firmness levels so that you or your partner, or guests, can select the most suitable pillow for sleeping.

How many pillows is too much? Don't overload the bed with too many pillows or cushions. A good number to work with for a double, queen or king bed is: 2 x continental or sham pillows, 4 x standard pillows in different firmness, and 3 x feature cushions or pillows.

Blankets or Throws

Tie in blanket or throw colours with the room decor and the duvet or comforter on the bed. You can opt for a colour that harmonises with the colours already in the room, or choose a colour that pops and adds even more attention to the bed. A blanket or throw also brings an extra textural element to the bed and lets you or your guests choose what level of warmth they require.

How to Style the Bed




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