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Decorating a Bedroom for a Little Girl

Little girl's bedrooms don't have to be just pink anymore, there are plenty of trendy ways to create a fun, playful or whimsical bedroom and we show you some ideas.





When you think about a little girl's bedroom you automatically think pink, but the guys at are creating beds and accessories in some unexpected colours - and they are for little girl's bedrooms. The most popular colour for a bed is white, but when parents ask for door and drawer fronts to be painted in all shades of grey, navy and burgundy, there's more than pink going on in these bedrooms.

If you fancy the idea of doing something far from traditional for your little girl, a room that is not your average white and pink, take a look at some of the trendy ideas below.








Today's pinks are anything but pastel and plain, they are bold and bright, dusty and muted, or pinks with a dash of yellow for a vibrant coral hue.

Pink will always be a popular colour for a little girls bedroom, just as blue will always be the colour for boys. There is something so adorable about decorating a room for your little princess and no matter the trends, this will continue to be the case. But modern parents are also considering other ways to decorate a pink bedroom, one that isn't quite so frilly and fluffy.


A modern bedroom for a trendy little miss still has a dose of pink, but it is more subdued and mixed in with other pinkish hues as well as a touch of grey. You can still create a comfortable haven for your little miss, just one that doesn't overdose on pink. We will always think of pink as a traditional colour for little girl's bedrooms, but perhaps it is time for an update from traditional... something a bit more trendy.




The perfect bedroom for a modern little miss is one that has a dash of pink, a splash of grey, and a few other colours to brighten up the room. Coral has become a popular accent colour for a little girl's bedrooms.


With the introduction of Millennial Pink and Living Coral as Pantone Colours of the Year, more bedrooms are moving away for the all-pink look by using other colours for accent colours, such as a feature wall painted in coral hues. It's still feminine and pretty but now has a more modern edge.



Wallpaper lets you transform a bedroom into a wonderful space for a little girl. You can choose to have custom wallpaper printed in a specific design and colour that allows you to dress up a room with a specific theme or just add a pop of colour and pattern.


Not only will wallpaper instantly dress up a plain bedroom for a little girl, if you carefully select the right pattern for the wallpaper is can also easily transition from a little girl's bedroom to a teen room as she grows older.


If you do decide to decorate with wallpaper, be sure to choose a wallpaper that is easy to keep clean and washable. Also, ensure to install the wallpaper correctly. The last thing you need is peeling wallpaper a couple of years down the line.








Design-A-Bed manufacture custom furniture for both little boys and girls, teens, as well as adults. The secret to their success is the process of manufacturing a sturdy piece that will serve your little one until they are teens - or longer. They also have a method of painting their furniture that ensures no chipping or peeling. And if, years down the line you do want to redecorate the bedroom, simply sand the bed and repaint it.


Dual-purpose furniture is also something you might want to consider. Most children's bedrooms are a standard 3 x 4 metres in size, which doesn't leave a lot of room for extras. If you purchase furniture such as a daybed, that serves as both a bed and a sitting area, you immediately save on valuable floor space. Likewise, you could purchase a dressing table that also serves as a desk for study, with an ottoman stool with storage inside. It's little things like these that free-up a lot of space but provide extra functionality.



Unless you are specifically aiming for a plain room, adding texture and pattern will lift the room and make it a more fun environment. If you have installed wallpaper, there's no need to add extra pattern, but with blank walls and plain bedding, be sure to add some pretty artwork, colourful rugs and a few decor accessories to finish off the room.


A room that is filled with interesting textures and vibrant patterns automatically becomes more alive and will become a comfortable place where your child will love spending time. Having said that, be careful not to fill the room with too much, as this will end up looking like a cluttered room, and you don't want that.


What little girl wouldn't love a princess bed or a pretty corner where she can sit and read? And remember our post on making flower wall decor?


Whatever you decide for decorating your little girl's room, don't forget to ask for her input and let her get involved in the little projects that will make her bedroom a truly special place. 




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