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Add value and storage with custom closets

If you are looking to revamp your built-in cupboards with something a bit more practical and definitely more classy, custom cupboards that you can assemble and fit yourself can be modified to provide all the storage you need.


A recent visit to my local Builders Warehouse revealed that they are no stocking cupboard components that you can buy individual pieces and fit them together to create custom storage. This is ideal if you are looking to replace boring built-in cupboards with something a bit more practical.

Even a plain melamine cupboard can be fitted with frames on the doors, and custom storage inside, so that you have a place for all your clothes, accessories and shoes!

On her blog, Meg transformed her bedroom with custom cupboards that add tons of storage to the master bedroom. She used Ikea cupboards, but we have access to similar cupboards at your local Builders Warehouse. Choose the best configuration to fit into the space that you have - any gaps can be covered with filler boards. See our article on installing custom built-in cupboards  from scratch or find ideas and inspiration for designing the perfect closet space.

A nice finishing touch for plain melamine doors is to add a frame around the doors. For this you can use 3mm, 6mm, or 9mm SupaWood cut into strips and attached onto the doors with Contact adhesive or No More Nails. See our article for ideas and tips on adding detail to plain cupboard or closet doors.

Individual components are readily available at Builders, or your local Gelmar if you have one. You can add a single- or double-rail hanging system to allow for full use of cupboard space. Although not shown below, you can add an upper rail that is easily lowered and raised on a pulley system - a great idea for shorties like me!

Every woman has shoes, some more than others. Rather than let your shoes pile up at the bottom of the cupboard and get scratched or scuffed, install a shoe rack. A simple shoe rack will make it easier to find - and store - all your shoes and be able to find when you need easily without digging through the piles 

This idea I love, but will depend on whether or not you have enough space to install. A basic sliding drawer is kitted out with laundry baskets. Great way to keep clothes off the bedroom floor. Shop for the baskets first and make the drawers to fit. You will find more space-saving closet ideas here.

Shelves are the norm for closet storage but where cupboards are 550mm in depth, it can be difficult to reach to the back. I replaced shelves in my cupboards with drawers and this makes it so much easier to access clothing easily and be able to store more. Also like the idea of pullout drawers as shown below to replace shelves.

For smaller cupboards, a single or double level trouser rack is just the thing. It keeps your trousers neatly pressed, stores plenty, and allows you easy access. 


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