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Top 4 Stylish Bedroom Design Trends for 2020

So far in 2020, people are spending heaps more time at home than ever, but which colors, accessories and décor items have been increasing in popularity so far this year.


So far in 2020, people are spending heaps more time at home than ever – and that means, on average, people are spending more time than usual relaxing in the bedroom. If you’ve been looking around your bedroom and thinking that maybe it’s time to update a few things, the following list will help you understand which colors, accessories and décor items have been increasing in popularity so far this year.


1. White Walls and Bedding With Small Pops of Colour

Minimalism is one of the most compelling decorating trends in 2020. Thanks to the influence of decluttering experts like Dana K. White and Marie Kondo, people are ridding themselves of excess numbers of decorative objects. Instead, the current look favours broad expanses of soothing white on the walls and a complete absence of oddments. Every item in the bedroom must be carefully considered and put in its place with intention.







In addition to white, off whites and not-quite-whites are also popular right now. For example, Dulux has named “tranquil dawn”, a cool blue-white, as their 2020 colour of the year. This is an example of a colour that would work perfectly to accent newly updated bedroom walls this season.







Soft white sheets and bedding create a restful backdrop in the bedroom; check out gloriously luxurious bamboo sheet sets by Ecosa Australia, quilt covers and pillowcases for an example of the minimalist style of bedding that is gaining traction right now.

To keep the scene in the bedroom from getting too whitewashed and boring, you can add a colourful textured throw to the bed and some intensely coloured artwork as a focal point on the walls.


2. Creative Curves

Curvilinear lines are showing up everywhere in 2020, and there are some fantastic ways to incorporate this trend into today’s bedrooms. The decorating experts at Better Homes and Gardens recommend round mirrors, round accent tables and curved artwork as possibilities. The trend forecasters at Home Beautiful have suggested curved architectural design elements as being exciting possibilities. In particular, round windows and curved arches are particularly noteworthy right now.





3. Fresh Greenery

Living houseplants make lovely bedroom accents. We suggest choosing easy-care options such as hedgehog aloe and Monstera deliciosa, although there are many additional options that would be just as delightful in the bedroom.


4. Handmade Macrame Pieces

You might think of macramé as being a tacky 1970s fad, but this artform has taken a more sophisticated turn in 2020. It has recently made a huge comeback, mostly because there are quite a few seriously talented artisans who have recently begun working in this medium. These exceptional artisans have been making impressive macramé work available, and trendsetters have been snapping it up in droves.

To make the most of this trend, look for functional pieces that do double duty as both art objects and functional objects. Some examples include plant hangers, curtains and rugs. Another top trend is hanging shelves where the shelf is made of wood and the sides are hand-knotted fibres.

Now you’re updated on 4 of the most important bedroom design trends in 2020. If you’re thinking of making updates to your bedroom soon, these 4 ideas are all worth considering.



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