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Easy ways to add style to a bathroom

We put together a selection of ways to add style to any bathroom - in a weekend - and that won't cost a fortune.


Whether you're renting or own your home, there are many simple and affordable ways to add some style to a guest or ensuite bathroom.

Add a framed mirror

Mirrors are great for bathrooms. Not only are they essential for grooming, but mirrors bounce light around a room, so they're perfect for bathrooms that receive very little natural light, but when you mount large mirrors they help to make a small bathroom feel more spacious and roomy.

You can buy mirrors cut to size at your local Builders and then frame them with a variety of materials, or you can purchase a beautiful ready-made mirror that adds elegance to a bathroom. We offer plenty of projects for mirrors in our Art & Framing section.

Install simple wall shelves

Every bathroom needs storage but not all bathrooms have the space for floor cabinets or cupboards. Wall mounted shelves provide an opportunity to take advantage of unused wall space to add attractive storage.

Tile a backsplash

Splurge on an elegant and stylish backsplash by only tiling essential areas. Today's bathrooms don't need to be tiled from top to bottom. If you're renovating or updating and existing bathroom, leave off the tiles and invest in glass mosaic tiles for around basins and baths.

Revamp a bathroom vanity

The bathroom vanity has become a main feature in a modern bathroom and you can go to town to turn a boring vanity into an eye-catching statement piece. Repurpose a bureau or chest of drawers with a countertop and basin, or upcycle a flea market find into a whimsical wash basin. There are plenty of ideas for your imagination to run wild.

Update and add lighting

The right lighting can make a bathroom shine. If you only have a central, ceiling fitting in the bathroom, look at installing scones and wall-mounted lights above or around a vanity. Choose stylish fittings that complement the design of a bathroom, but also flood the room with light.

Modernise a shower/bath

A shower curtain won't cost much and you can shop around for (or make your own) stylish shower curtain that complements your bathroom. Unless you're going for an over-the-top or eclectic look, keep the shower curtain simple. You can easily add a few embellishments to a plain curtain to add interest to a bland bathroom.

Replace taps and fittings

It's easy to add style to a bathroom simply by replacing taps and fittings. And replacing taps is easy these days with the braided fittings that they are supplied with. Shop around for stylish fittings that will add glamour to a bathroom.

Install glass partitions

By replacing brick walls with glass partitions, even a cramped bathroom can feel spacious and roomy. Ditch the sliding shower door in favour or a clear glass panel (or sandblasted glass if you prefer more privacy) and let your bathroom shine.

Dress windows

Dressing bare windows adds a finishing touch to every room, including the bathroom. The guys at Finishing Touches have a selection of window treatments that are perfect for bathrooms - from aluminium shutters and blinds, to organic touches for a more rustic style. Aluminium doesn't rust, so it's the ideal window treatment for bathrooms.

If you're handy with power tools and enjoy crafty decor projects, there's no reason why you can't make your own stylish window treatment for a bathroom.


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