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Luxury rugs and mats

Look at any decor setting or beautiful interior and you will more often than not notice that rooms need rugs. Soft underfoot and beautiful to look at, rugs not only add interest to a room, they also add colour and texture.

This gorgeous selection of rugs is available at shagadelic, an online supplier of a wide selection of rugs. Offering leather shag, long-hair shags, patchwork and natural fibre rugs, they also ship door-to-door throughout South Africa.

Want a rug that is custom made to fit into a particular room or decorating scheme? Most rug manufacturers offer you the opportunity of being able to design your own rug using a choice of materials, colours, patterns and textures.



Don't settle for a plain, boring rug when you can let your imagination run wild. Rug Revolucion in Cape Town create custom rugs that are as individual as the space your are decorating.

Coir rugs, hemp rugs and other natural materials such as sisal, are the most hard-wearing and versatile materials for rugs. When compared to synthetic rugs, natural rugs are an eco-friendly alternative that add earthy texture and style to any home. Ideal for dressing up casual setting, natural rugs have that knack for adding natural beauty without going over the top.

In most instances, natural fibre rugs can be used indoors and in covered outdoor areas such as the patio or sunroom.

While researching this article I came across leather shag rugs of comparable quality that ranged in price from R1500 upwards to R6000 for the same size rug. And not all rugs come with an expensive price tag. Shop around and compare prices and take advantage of any stock or clearance specials that you come across.