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Multi Sharp will keep your scissors sharp for this festive season

A fast accurate and professional Wetstone sharpening unit that does it all: scissors, chisels, all blades, knives, spade drill bits, wood carving tools and almost anything that needs a sharpening edge or a new point or tip.


Gift wrapping is scissor time. Don’t let a dull pair of scissors ruin your gift-wrapping experience, the Multi Sharp Wetstone will give your scissors a new life - Multi Sharp can sharpen a wide selection of tools with its comprehensive number of adaptations.

Multi Sharp Wetstone offers 4 sharpening angles with the built-in water cooling system that gives the finest edges and preserves the steel temper. The kit comes with quick clip-on adapters to sharpen wood chisels, plane blades and small tools, as well as guides to sharpen both knives and scissors at the correct angle. A full instruction sheet is included in the kit which is powered by your electric drill.





Professionals acknowledge water-cooling to hone the finest edges and this compact unit uses re-circulating water to eliminate over-heating of the blade edges, loss of steel temper and bluing. Simply fill the built-in reservoir with water, turn on the power drill and a continuous film of water covers the face of the grinding wheel.

The system sharpens even badly damaged chisels, plane blades and wood carving tools very quickly due to the high-powered torque of the drill. The special clamp firmly holds the blades at the selected angle 25 to 40 degrees for a precision ground edge. The traditional leather strop that is part of the kit removes any burrs for a razor-sharp edge.

The tool rest feature gives a firm base for re-sharpening, repointing, and re-edging a huge range of small tools, wood carving and turning, chisels, bradawls, screwdrivers, centre punches, scribers, and gouges etc. Marked angles on the tool rest indicate the tip angles.

The blade capacity is 10 to 60 mm wide and sharpening angles cater for 25, 30, 35, 40 degree tips for primary and secondary bevels, plus rebate chisels. The grinding wheel is a high quality aluminium oxide, constructed on glass-reinforced nylon, all parts are freely available from Vermont Sales.

For more information on the Multi-Sharp Wetstone Sharpener visit  and look for Multi-Sharp. Multi Sharp is available from all leading suppliers countrywide.