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Check what's in the packet!

I recently bought a hanging rail for a built-in closet. What a shock when opening the pack to see what was supplied!


When you buy products that are supplied with all the necessary accessories and screws, you expect to be able to finish the job with what you get. This was not the case with the hanging rail that I bought to finish off a built-in closet.

The hanging rail that I bought was in a closed pack, and it appeared that everything was included to fit and install the rail in the built-in cupboard. Upon opening the pack, imagine my surprise to find assorted screws that had no purpose being there!

Firstly, most built-in closets and wardrobes are built using 16mm board. Why then supply 30mm long screws? Secondly, one of the screws had absolutely no thread. And to top it all off, what on earth was I supposed to do with a round-head bolt?





Come on guys, pack the stuff right so that when we get home to do the project, at least we have what we need to finish the job!

The moral of this tale of woe... check what's in the pack before you leave the store.