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Things to buy after Christmas

If Santa didn't bring everything on your wish list, don't miss out on bargains that are available after Christmas.


If you missed out on buying stuff on Black Friday and didn't get everything on your Christmas wish list, keep an eye out for bargains that are available after Christmas. In the past, I have snagged quite a few items at unbelievable prices from retailers looking to get rid of excess stock.

Don't mind the Box!

If you are not concerned with a damaged box, this is a great way to snag a few bargains on electronic goods - including power  tools. Lots of people don't like the gifts they receive and end up returning these back to the store, albeit with a damaged or opened box. You can get as much as 33% off on these items, simply because the box is opened or damaged, but what's inside is still brand new.






I know that Tools4Wood occasionally offer damaged stock at unbeatable prices and you will be able to buy power tools and accessories at well below the normal selling price. Also keep in mind that many retailers don't advertise their damaged stock, but will have this on display within the store.







Christmas Gift Accessories

Once the Christmas period is over you will find plenty of over-stocked Christmas accessories on sale at discount prices. I mean, who wants Christmas wrapping paper or pretty paper plates when the season is done. This is when you can pick up great bargains at a fraction of the cost and put them away for next Christmas.

Electronics and Home goods

Keep an eye out for specials on a wide range of electronics and home goods, as many retailers will need to clear out excess stock as quickly as possible. Late December and early January are the best times to snag the best deals at the lowest prices.

And don't forget to keep an eye out for online bargains as well. Amazon offers some great deals on overstocked items and you can pick up items that are priced even lower than Black Friday deals.






Children's Toys

Christmas is the one time of the year when retailers fill their shelves with children's toys, but once the festive season is over they need to clear out the leftover stock as quickly as possible. They might not advertise what's on sale, but pop into your favourite store and see if they have set aside a section for sale items. More often than not you can pick up some great bargains on these items.

Sometimes waiting for the shopping frenzy of Christmas to be over can work in your favour and save you quite a bit of money. You might even discover that doing all your Christmas shopping a year in advance will let you grab all the goodies you need for gifts for family and friends without the stressful shopping experience and overpriced stock.



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