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The new Vencasa Pillow Bars

We've all heard of a nail bar and a hair bar... now, thanks to Vencasa, there is a Pillow Bar.


The Vencasa Pillow Bar isn't a space to go and nap for an hour, it is however, pop-up stores in shopping centres where you can go for advice on the best pillow for your needs. Vencasa Pillow Bars are conveniently located to show you over 29 styles - with a variety of feels, designs, shapes, scents, colours and particularly for different sleep styles. 





Vencasa opened the first Pillow Bar in South Africa in 2018 and have since opened 5 more – Sandton City Shopping Centre, Clearwater Shopping Centre, Cresta Shopping Centre, Ballito Junction and Eastgate Shopping Centre. Each Vencasa Pillow Bar featuring 29 pillows and have sleep professionals available to guide you in choosing the perfect pillow to ensure you have quality sleep, every night. Pop into a Vencasa Pillow Bar for advice and for the largest variety of pillows in the country, sourced from around the world and locally, and support all sleep styles at every life stage.



We all know that sleep is essential to our wellbeing, however, do you know that your pillow can either enhance or reduce your sleep health? As the Dalai Lama astutely expressed, when asked what surprised him most about humanity, he replied: “Man. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health.” 

Let Vencasa help you improve your sleep well-being, within your parameters. Becoming pillow-savvy, is a great place to begin:

 • Is it time to change your pillow?

- If your pillow is older than 3 years, then it is time to change them.

- The lifespan of a polyester pillow is 6-12 months; memory foam pillow is 12-18 months; feather or down pillow is 3-4 years; gel pillow is 3-4 years; Tempur pillow is 3-8 years.

• Do you have neck, shoulder, back or hip discomfort? Recurring headaches? Increased snoring? This could be attributed to your pillow.



• What must your pillow do for you?

- Support the weight of your head and neck without applying pressure.

- Support your shape ergonomically.

- Eliminate pressure points on your face and neck.

- Improve facial circulation.

• Does your pillow support your sleep style?

- Whether you sleep on your back, side or front, your pillow must cradle your neck and head so that they don’t tilt up or down and are in natural alignment with your spine.

- If you sleep on your back, consider the Tempur Symphony pillow for great support.

- If you’re a side sleeper, or like to sleep in the foetal position, the curved shape of the Tempur Sonata pillow supports your head best.

- If you sleep on your stomach, you need a pillow with good ventilation, allowing you to breathe comfortably such as the Tempur Ombracio pillow as it has special indentations at the sides for easy breathing.

- If you have broad shoulders, you’ll need a larger pillow to keep your head and neck level while you sleep.

- If you have any allergies, select a hypoallergenic material such as the Velfont bamboo pillow, the Vencasa Micro Gel Pillow which has a down-like feel, or the Malouf scented pillows.  



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