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Elegant Types and Styles of a Cushion

In this article you will find a cheat sheet on the most elegant cushion types and styles that you should check out now.


Think cushions are unnecessary? Think again. It might be easy to overlook the importance of investing in a good set of fabulous cushions for your home. However, it can certainly boost the level of comfort and aesthetics of your home if done right. Aside from adding a splash of color and life, cushions provide ample support for your back, head, arms, and feet whenever you rest on your sofa. By providing support through long sitting hours, a cushion can help you and your family avoid bedsores and discomfort. With so much to choose from, it can be overwhelming to pick out the best cushion that will give your home a more luxurious vibe.

Thankfully, here is a cheat sheet on the most elegant cushion types and styles that you should check out now.

Picking a Cushion Type

Before you can select the best cushion for your home, you have to determine which type suits your needs first. The main factor in selecting the type of cushion for your home is determining where you will place it. Assessing whether you are placing the cushion for decorative purposes or to add support or protective layer over a rough or hard surface is important in the process of selecting the type of cushion that fits your need best.

Cushion Types

There are several types of cushions you can choose from.


Chair Cushions - a decorative cushion that provides comfort for long hours of sitting.

Window Seat Cushions - comfortable cushion made of heat resistant fabric to endure extended exposure to sunlight.

Bench Cushions - weather and sunlight resistant cushion made for both outdoor and indoor use.

Rocking Chair Seat Cushions - features latex foam filling, lock-stitch seams, and triple-stitch ties to provide premium comfort.

Wicker Cushions - stylish cushions designed for rattan furniture.

Deep Seating Cushions - offers the comfort and style of your living room sofa to your outdoor space.

Church Pew Cushions - provides stability and comfort without using permanent upholstery.

Chaise Cushions - chic outdoor cushions placed on chaise lounges.

Cushion Styling

Careful planning is necessary when adding a little oomph to your home’s design or setting an atmosphere or tone of your room. Home styling gurus from Simply Cushions suggest being open to different textures, colors, and sizes when selecting cushions to suit specific looks and context. First, you need to identify your existing color palette or the look you are trying to achieve. Take a look at your current furniture floor mats, painting, and other decor pieces. It is important to remember to pick out cushions that will either complement or accentuate your space. This way, your overall decor aesthetic would be harmonious and pleasing to the eyes. If you have not decided on how many cushions you will add yet, let the overall style of your living space dictate the number of cushions you need to add.

Types of Cushion Fabric

If you want to add depth and texture to your indoor or outdoor space, combining cushions made of different types of fabrics will definitely help. You should also take into consideration your existing interior design or envisioned look before you pick out any type of cushion fabric.


Cotton Linen Blend - made with natural materials that are cool and gentle on the skin .

Polyester - suited for most interior spaces due to its resistance to wrinkling and shrinking.

Velvet - luxurious fabric that adds depth and dimension to your living space.

Wool or Knit - durable fabric that adds warmth to any room.

Faux Fur - adds an element of opulence in any room by providing a soft and homey appeal.

Outdoor Cotton - soft but long-wearing and durable material meant for outdoor space.

Types of Cushion Style

Cushions are designed to suit specific purposes. Find out which style would suit your needs the most by checking out the list below.


Boxed Edge Cushions - features a boxy appearance due to its top panel, bottom panel, and border around the edge. Popularly used as a back or seat cushion, but can also be used for decorative purposes

Knife-Edge Cushions - only have a top and bottom panel. It creates a relaxed and modern look in any home.

Bolster Cushions - cylinder-shaped cushions that can also be used as a pillow for extra support.

Scatter Cushions - purely for decorative purposes, but can also add some support when necessary.

When selecting the perfect cushion that exudes elegance and class, you have to consider a variety of factors. This includes the type of cushion, style, texture, color, and size. Ultimately, the best cushion will still depend on your own personal taste and preferences.



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