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Treats for your Sweet (Valentine)

Stuck for ideas on what to get for your Valentine? I love Krispy Kreme Doughnuts and they have a sweet selection of Valentine treats.


Guys, young and old, are often stuck for ideas when it comes to Valentine gifts. I'm not saying all guys, just some guys ;D. Should you buy flowers? Are chocolates a better idea? Why not be different this year and think out of the box!

Krispy Kreme always put on a special when it comes to Valentine's Day, and this year they have some scrumptious Valentine treats for your sweet. This year their Valentine special includes Caramel and Chocolate love - heart shaped doughnuts coated with caramel or chocolate glaze and dipped in a caramel or chocolate wafer crumble Mmmmmmmh. Can't wait.

Buy a box of doughnut hearts and settle down for an evening with your loved one, or surprise someone with an unexpected gift from a secret admirer.



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