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Laser distance meters from Tork Craft

Tork Craft introduce two new Laser Distance Meters . Both have their own unique features.


Pocket size for convenience, both Laser Distance Meters feature measuring accuracy of 1.5 to 2mm - supplying readings in metres, feet and inches - a 4-line display with backlight, continous measurement of single distance and area measurement, plus large easy to use buttons. The auto laser automatically shuts down after 30 seconds.

The TCLDMOOD8 has a removable pocket clip and retails at around R820, and the TCLDMOOS6 comes with a belt pouch and handy screwdriver and retails at around R1164. Both units are easy to operate with batteries included.





Added features for the TCLDMOOS6 include: area and volume measurements, addition and subtraction, a single distance and area measurement for both minuimum and maximum readings, a historical data feature, and an end piece and calibrated scale offering. This unit also comes with a shatterproof screen and has a lateral bevel edge design.

The new Laser distance units are now available at all leading stores countrywide. Visit the Tork Craft website for more information: