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Tork Craft LED flashlights and torches

Tork Craft offer a comprehensive range of high-performance LED flashlights, torches, headlamps, and work lights.


The technological advancement in LED lighting has transformed the humble torch; with long-life power, rechargeable units, and lighting power that has never before been experienced. Small, compact flashlights will give you all the lighting you will need, with the larger, more sophisticated units providing a high level of lighting that almost simulates daylight.

Tork Craft LED flashlights, torches, and work lamps offer a huge distance and adjustable beams, with the popular new trend for headlights that provide great lighting and a huge range of options. The headlight unit allows you to work hands-free and is the perfect unit for homeowners and most certainly the workshop, car or camping.





Tork Craft’s new range bolsters the existing lights in their range - leading the way in portable lighting, and covers torches, flashlights, rechargeable, headlights, headlights with mag holder, work lamps and their popular mini compact flashlight range. Some of the many options are: High performance aluminium LED flashlights, that feature 600 Lumens, 13 hours of running time, a 150m beam with 5 usable settings, turbo, mid and low, blinking and SOS.

The Tork Craft flashlights also come in a range of colours for some of the models. Additionally, there is selection of offerings for running time from 2 hours to 13 hours - and more with the larger units. You can also select from 600 to 1000 lumens and beam distance is also an option from 10 to 250m. Most of the units are impact resistant and water resistant, with long life LED’s.

Available from all leading stockists countrywide, visit their web site or to view the range and options for the perfect flashlight, torch, headlamp, or work light