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Tork Craft TCFL 500 motion activated ceiling tri-light

The Tork Craft TCFL 500 motion activated ceiling tri-light is a simple installation that screws in like a light bulb


Imagine being able to arrive at home to a fully lit garage, or walking into your home or entrance area and the area is perfectly lit - offering safety and security for your family. The Tork Craft TCFL 500 motion activated ceiling tri-light screws into an existing light fitting just like any light bulb, and if you can change a light bulb you can fit this great new unit.

Nothing has been left out in the design - the unit has 3 retro cast aluminium heatsink faces that are adjustable, and each of the three faces incorporate an ultra-bright daylight white LED energy-saving light panel that are all linked with stainless steel braided cables.

The unit is guaranteed for 50 000 hours of light and has 3000 lumen. You are given control of the light via an on/off switch for the motion sensor on the light. The integral motion sensor detects all movement, people, cars and the garage door and incorporates a 60 second timer that will shut off automatically.





“This new unit has to be our new product buy of the year as it’s something that most customers will want and will use as its very convenient, improves your safety and security,” said Dale Engelbrecht Commercial Director Vermont Sales. Plus, anyone can fit this unit as it simply screws in like your ordinary light bulb, every garage should have one, but it can be fitted to any room or area that you want automatic instant light,” said Engelbrecht.



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