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Do Close-Up Details with LED Magnifier

Tork Craft’s new magnifying LED rechargeable desk lamp for the home, workshops hobbyists and DIYers


The Tork Craft TCML001 is a Cordless Li-ion, USB Rechargeable magnifier that offers 60 lumens of illumination with 3 to 8 times magnifying capability. Illumination comes with a super bright white light from its 6 x LED lighting units. You can use the unit as is, or fit to a desk or workbench via the clamp fitting that connects to the base that lets you attach to almost any surface. The sturdy base measuring 135 x 180 x 23mm ensures stability.






The Tork Craft LED magnifying lamp is ideal for detailed precision work and its portability lets you use it anywhere. The magnifier does not require batteries, as its rechargeable



The model features 2 on/off switches: a manual switch at the bottom back of the base and a quick touch control switch at the top on the front of the unit. It also comes with a guarantee of 25 000 hours of LED light time.

The magnifying range is 3 to 8 times on the large 110 mm lens, lit by its super cool white light and powered by durable 400 m AH rechargeable lithium battery.






“This Tork Craft desk unit is very popular overseas and opened all sorts of new markets,” said Dale Englebrecht Commercial Director - Vermont Sales. “As it has multiple uses such as sewing, knitting, it will also be very handy in the kitchen, the kids school desks and certainly a must for hobbyists and fine work in the workshops, for both the trade and DIYers,” said Englebrecht.

The new Tork Craft magnifying lamp is available now. For more info visit



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