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Stay Safe at Home, at the Office, or out Shopping

Social distancing and sanitizing is not something that will end with the lockdown, South African homes and business should continue to follow social distancing procedures.


While the lockdown may be coming to an end in just over a week, social distancing and sanitizing should continue to be the norm as we continue to face the Coronavirus pandemic and prevent the spread of this disease. At home, out and about, and in offices and commercial buildings and shopping centres, continuous sanitizing and social distancing will continue to hamper the spread of Coronavirus and keep us safe.

In line with the requirements for regular sanitizing, and for social distancing procedures, Tork Craft has launched a range of Hand and Surface Sanitizers endorsed by W.H.O (World Health Organisation) that will aid in keeping your home and your environment safe.

Tork Craft Hand and Surface Sanitizer - with 70% alcohol content

Available in 125, 300, 500 ml bottles or 5 and 25 Litre drums this product is made in South Africa and proven and tested and endorsed by the World Health Organization. The sanitizer is made up of 70% alcohol and is more than adequate for hand sanitizing or for wiping down surfaces. All the above products are available from leading specialist stores countrywide, or for more information talk to Vermont Sales on 011 314 7711 or visit their website or

Tork Craft Social Distancing Artwork (stickers, strips and awareness graphics)

For home office, retail environments and corporate buildings, social distancing is essential for the safety of all. Tork Craft offers a selection of Coronavirus Social Distancing Stickers, Strips and Awareness Graphics specifically designed for the Coronavirus program and custom made for stores, shops, and businesses. Click here or on image below to download PDF of product numbers and pricing.

"All orders can be placed via,’’ said Ryan Hunt, Director of Vermont Sales. β€œAll part numbers, sizes and shapes are coded for easy ordering on the attached PDF. You will then need to allow for a short print and packing time of 2 days, after which we will ship your order direct to your offices.”



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