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Tork Craft's extensive range of Clamps

Tork Craft offer an extensive range of clamping solutions, covering all popular clamp types as well as specialist clamps.


Tork Craft today offer an extensive range of clamps and clamping solutions that covers all popular types as well as specialist clamps. The range includes all the sizes, light and heavy-duty models, with options of steel, aluminium and Nylon construction.

“We possibly have the largest range of clamp categories in the country with our Tork Craft clamping categories,” said Ryan Hunt - Sales Director Vermont Sales. “The selection includes, all the basic, plus specific specialist units, a vast range of sizes, lengths, light or heavy duty.”

Bar clamps – Aluminium

The bar clamp is specially designed for light weight clamping jobs. This is useful when the total weight is more important than the clamping strength.



Pipe clamp

A pipe clamp is a must have clamp for any woodworker. It is extremely strong and easy to use. Compared to sash clamps you have no size limit on length as you can just get a longer pipe. This fixture will convert any Ø25mm OD ¾” steel pipe into a sash clamp. The pipe only needs to be threaded on one end.

Quick-adjust band clamp

The quick-adjust band clamp provides even pressure when clamped on a variety of shapes and sizes of work pieces. The length of the band clamp is 4m and it includes (x4) 90° corner pieces. The band clamp is ideal for picture framing and furniture fixings.

Heavy duty quick clamp

The quick clamp is used for holding work pieces together for drilling, gluing, sawing and fastening. The quick clamp can be used entirely by one hand leaving the other free. With a few squeezes of the trigger, the bottom clamping jaw moves closer to the other.





Strap clamp

The strap clamp is a lightweight clamp specifically designed for use on picture frames of various sizes and configurations prior to gluing or fixing, however, it is also useful for many general clamping tasks in and around the home such as repairing chairs/stools etc.

Frame clamp

The frame clamp is a self-squaring clamp used to clamp thin or thick frame mouldings.

Spring clamp Metal/Nylon

The spring clamp is manufactured from nylon or metal. The jaws have swivel pads to clamp irregular shapes and to prevent surface damage when clamping.


The G-clamp is used to secure work pieces to a bench or a template during an assembly. It can also be used in woodwork projects to glue/join pieces of wood.

C-clamp set

The C-clamp is used to secure work pieces to a bench or a template during an assembly. It can also be used in woodwork projects to glue/join pieces of wood.



F-type clamp

The F-type clamp is also referred to as a speed clamp. It is like a G-clamp in use but has a wider throat (opening capacity) and is faster to clamp and to readjust.

Heavy duty sash clamp

Sash clamps can be used in many different industries. Cabinetry shops and other establishments where wood furniture is constructed often make use of sash clamps as part of the manufacturing process.

Tork Craft is a leading brand of accessories from Vermont Sales. All products are available from leading specialist stores countrywide. For more information visit



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