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Buy tools for free with Tools4Views

Tools4Wood are introducing a South African first... Tools4View allows you to buy tools for free!


Tools4Wood have launched a South African first... All you have to do is make a tool review for a tool that you bought at Tools4Wood. You video review can be practical and informative, it can be humorous, or use your imagination to create a video review that will catch everyone's attention. The more views you get - the more tools you can buy.

Terms and Conditions apply

Once you have finished editing your tool review, submit the video to Tools4Wood. The guys at Tools4Wood will post your video review online on their YouTube channel and you will immediately start earning your Views. As more people view your tool review video, so you will earn more Views.





Tools4Wood want to have a wide selection of tool reviews, to cover local tools and products, done by truly South African woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts. Too many online reviews are not relevant to our local industry, and facts that don't tie in with what's available locally don't really help us at all.

Feel free to Express your personal opinions and offer any tips and tricks you have picked up over the years, or provide viewers with any information you think may be helpful.



You can use your View to stock up your workshop with a selection of tools that you will be able to buy with your Views. Make and submit as many videos as you like to increase your Views.

Anyone can submit their Tools4View videos, either by transferring them via Dropbox or WeTransfer (and you will find instructions on this page to do this). The guys at Tools4Wood will upload the video to their official YouTube channel page, website and social media pages, and will send you a link for you to share with your friends.

For more information on Tools4Views click on this link to go directly to the Tools4Wood page.



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