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Specials on Woodworking Wednesday

Every Wednesday, you get to select from a variety of specials at Tools4Wood, whether it's for DIY, Woodworking or Building projects.


I'm a huge fan of Woodworking Wednesdays from Tools4Wood. Every week they showcase a selection of products from different brand names that you can choose from to add to your workshop or job site. Not only that, on Woodworking Wednesdays to can get these products at a reduced price - for one day only.

This week Woodworking Wednesday has a varied range of tools and accessories to choose from. But one handy item you should add to your shopping list is the Rockler Dust Right Separator. If you are looking to clean up your workshop, the Rockler Dust Right Separator lets you turn any shop vacuum into a dust and chip separator. With the 10-gallon bucket you can remove and empty all your workshop waste. The Separator comes complete with a long flex-form hose so that you can set up without any fuss or hassle.

The Rockler Dust Right Separator works by creating a cyclonic air flow that separates most wood dust particles and other materials and prevents them from being passed to the vacuum. The vortex effect that is created prevents the loss of suction caused by prematurely clogged filters. For today only, you can purchase the Rockler Dust Right Separator at R2499.00, including free delivery.



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