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Wood Lathe and Chisel Set on Special Offer

If you are interested in wood turning and looking to invest in tools, take a look at this Toni Wood Lathe and Chisel Set on special offer until this Friday.


Normally priced at over R4,000, you can buy the Toni Wood Lathe and Chisel Set on special offer at R2,649.00, including free delivery, until this Friday.

This Toni bench top wood lathe is the ideal tool for spindle and bowl turning. Fitting with a variable speed with spindle lock, this wood turning lathe is ideal for the entry level DIY enthusiast looking to try out wood turning projects. The variable speed allows the user to work on small as well as large work pieces and various wood densities. 

Included with the wood lathe is the Tork Craft 5 Piece Wood Turning Chisel Set. This chisel set contains a range of chisels for intricate details to larger chisels used to remove big sections of wood. They are designed to effortlessly remove large quantities of material on any woodturning project - without the need for sharpening.




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