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On Special:  Tork Craft Biscuit Joiner Bundle

With this Tork Craft Biscuit Joiner Bundle you have everything you need to start making your own projects - with no visible screws!


If you have ever attended a DIY-Divas workshop, you will know that the Biscuit Joiner lets you make and assemble projects  without any visible screws. A biscuit joiner uses a circular blade to cut a slot in pieces to be joined. Wood glue and a biscuit are placed in the slot to join the pieces together, and the resulting joint can only be separated by cutting them apart - making this one of the strongest ways to join materials.

For today only, buy the Tork Craft Biscuit Joiner and accessories for R1 589.00, including free delivery. The bundle includes a replacement blade and box of three different sized biscuits that can be used for a variety of projects.



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