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Work Safe with the Rockler Bench Dog

Safety is a number one priority when using a tablesaw or table router and the Rockler 3-piece Bench Dog provides safety and security.


Now available in South Africa courtesy of Vermont Sales, Rockler have a wide range of equipment that makes life easier and safer for the DIY and woodworking enthusiast. The Rockler 3-piece Bench Dog Safety Kit is a sure way to maximise safety and still have control when feeding material, either through a table-mounted router or table saw.

The Featherboard lets you keep cutting stock tight against the fence to prevent the workpiece from lifting and causing serious harm. The Featherboard is easy to set up and allows for quick setting of tension if you need to do repeatable projects. Plus, the feather tips won't cause any damage to the workpiece.

The Magnetic Push Stick features a lightweight blade and the angled tip allows safety of use even when cutting various thicknesses.

The Rockler Ultra Push-Bloc has a sure grip for comfort and easy of handling and the rubber base keeps it stable and secure during use.




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