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Safe, Easy Cable Joining

Join any size 220V electrical cable using the Tork Craft Cable Joiner.


Joining cables is a task that almost every homeowner, electrician, auto electrician or tradesman does on a regular basis. There are a few methods you can use to join electrical cables, but these might not give you a safe connection. Joining methods include taping up, solder and tape, heat shrink sleeves, and plastic connector blocks.





The Tork Craft Safe-T-Join Cable Joint uses clever case clamp moulds that are suitable for all 3-ply cable sizes from 0,5mm and up to 2,5mm. The Cable Joint moulds are available in 3 sizes:


Using the Tork Craft Safe-T-Join:

All you will need is the 3 size moulds and it is recommended that you get all 3, as they are affordable and will always come handy for the different size cables. Additional tools you require include a wire stripper, small clamp, and a glue gun and glue sticks. Heat shrink tubes are included with each Safe-T-Join set.

1. Use wire strippers to strip the ends of the cables to be joined.

2. Place a heat-shrink sleeve on each cable and then manually join the cables - below.

3. Shrink the sleeves for a snug fit.

4. Place the joined cables in your Tork Craft Safe-T-Join.

5. Clamp while you squeeze hot glue to fill the inside cavity.

6. Wait a minute until the glue cools and hardens and open the mould. Cables are encased for a strong, waterproof and long-lasting connection that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor connections

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