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Save A Bundle on Dremel at Takealot

I'm always on the lookout for great bargains and special offers, and you will like these prices on Dremel tools and accessories at Takealot.


Every DIY enthusiast should have at least one Dremel Multitool in their tool collection. It's one of those multi-purpose tools that can be used for a variety of craft and hobby projects, DIY projects, and various other tasks in and around the home.

I came across some great special offers currently on Takealot and wanted to share these with you if you are looking to add a Dremel Multitool to your tool kit.





Dremel 3000 Multitool with Accessories

It might be the entry-level model but that doesn't mean the Dremel 3000 doesn't pack a lot of power. You can use the Dremel 3000 for a huge selection of crafts, crafty DIY, hobbies and maintenance projects around the home.

The Dremel 3000 is the ideal multitool,  with EZ twist function for quick change of accessories and you can use the tool for engraving, jewellery making, customising furniture and crafty DIY  tasks. 







Dremel 4000 Multitool with Accessories

At the top end of the multitool range is the Dremel 4000. This powerful multitool offers maximum performance for even tough tasks and project. If you prefer the cordless version of this tool, take a look at the Dremel 8100, on special below.

Dremel 8100 Multitool with accessories - Cordless

The Dremel 8100 cordless multitool has a powerful 7,2V motor and Li-ion battery pack is fully charged in 1-hour. This model is ideal for DIY or craft enthusiasts that like to carry out detailed tasks indoors or outdoors.





Add the FlexiShaft for more convenience

The FlexiShaft attachment adds even more comfort and versatility to your multitool - fits every model shown above. The flexishaft allows you to do precise, detailed work or hard to reach places with even more control to cut, grind, sand, polish and more.

Dremel Accessory Bundle

This 150-piece accessory set has 150 Dremel accessories, including the EZ speedclic accessories that allow for quick and easy accessory changes. Use to complete a wide range of projects and perform applications in a variety of different materials.



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