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Give the new Addis Swifta a twirl

Living in a double storey home, carrying the vacuum cleaner up and down the stairs is a mission and I have been cleaning the upstairs tiles with a mop for lack of anything else.


First things first... The Addis Swifta Floor Cleaner traps dust and dirt from any hard floor surface, including tiles, laminated and sealer cork or bamboo floors. The special cleaning cloths have electrostatic action, which means they instantly trap dirt and dust, making cleaning a breeze.

The Addis Swifta is quick and easy to assemble; simply click the handle parts together and snap on the cleaning head. The Addis Swifta is extremely lightweight once assembled.





There are two types of cleaning cloths for the Addis Swifta:

Dry Sweeping Cloths
These trap dust and dirt instantly as a result of their electrostatic action. Forget about using a broom for cleaning your floors - this just spreads dust from one area to another.

Wet Mopping Cloths
The cloths for wet moping are safe for use on tiles, vinyl, hardwood and laminate floors. When using on laminate floors make sure to wring out the cloth so it is only slightly damp. Toss out the mop and find out how easy cleaning floors is with the Addis Swifta. The cloths attract and trap dust leaving your floors clean.

To attach the cleaning cloths place the cloths over the end of the cleaner with the textured side facing out and push into the grippers. Tuck the corners of the fabric into the grippers and you are ready to go!

Hard to believe that I only cleaned my floors a day ago... The Addis Swifta cleaned away dust and dirt in an instant - even under the sofa and TV cabinet without any difficulty. Think I need to buy another one for downstairs. Who needs a sweeping brush when you have an Addis Swifta.