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New Striplox Joining Systems

Vermont Sales lands another leading innovative International brand - the unique Striplox joining systems.


Clever innovative joining solutions from Striplox.

Vermont Sales continue to build their range with exciting, new innovative brands, the most recent to be announced is the award-winning Striplox brand from Australia.

“Just when one thinks there cannot possibly be any really new or really clever inventions, we get something as outstanding as the new Striplox joining systems,” said Dale Englebrecht - Director Vermont Sales. "Striplox has not just created one product but a complete range of joining products that covers every conceivable type of joining solution. Joining perfection is now made very easy,” said Englebrecht.

Striplox can be used on a wide selection of timber and board products, including solid timber, MDF (SupaWood), composite panels, aluminium features, all wood types and more. It is revolutionizing the hardware, design and cabinetry industries worldwide.

It’s a simple, important and yet often overlooked engineering fact that to create anything man-made you must join things together. Joinery methods create everything that we depend on in our daily lives including products, machines, buildings, cars, airplanes, bridges, large civil structures, and storage solutions, to name a few.





Striplox patented technologies are proven cutting edge engineering solutions that make the simple, yet highly imperative task of joining perfection every time. Joining innovations are embedded in the technology, products and processes of leading edge multinational companies on a global basis saving millions, in reductions on labour and costs.

Striplox replaces visible screws, brackets, fittings, connectors, latches, cam and dowels, mounting blocks and other mechanical components. They can be surface, or rebate mounted in either vertical or horizontal positions. Plus, they can be used for permanent or reversible assembly and reassembly.

How it works

Striplox is the leader in joining assembled parts and structures. Their solutions were inspired by the perfection in natural engineering. Utilising the principles of biomimicry, Striplox designs have been inspired by the way clams attach themselves to rock ledges using anchors at the end of hundreds of small filaments, called byssus threads. These threads, although thin and flexible, have a high tensile strength producing a very strong hold when their combined strength is added together. This natural engineering perfection has been applied in Striplox’s innovative engineering solutions.

The business benefits are cutting costs in a number of business areas, including:



Simple to use, fully adjustable, highly customisable and made from environmentally-friendly, durable, heat stabilized glass-reinforced nylon, Striplox will meet all required needs in numerous applications.



Striplox is a range of strong and versatile mechanical joining systems that allow simple, safe and efficient assembly, without complex methods, processes or multiple parts. The Striplox range delivers a uniformly loaded join by spreading the loads and forces evenly across the entire join.





With a Striplox solution, traditional, time consuming, labour intensive joining methods such as nuts, bolts, screws, welding and adhesives are no longer used.

Striplox technology provides simple self-alignment of joint components.

Simple, strong and secure, perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, cabinetry, architectural projects, commercial design, furniture manufacture, signage, exhibitions & displays, wardrobes/closets, RV & marine, ceiling panels, Acoustic timber walls & ceilings.

Striplox is a new leading brand in the Vermont Sales operation and will soon be available at all leading outlets countrywide. For more information visit



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