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Alternative ways to power up

Up in Gauteng, it's an unfortunate fact that many homes will be sitting without power during the winter months. As electricity consumption goes up, sub-stations go down. The next time a power outage occurs - again - you may find yourself thinking about a standby generator. But before forking out a large amount of cash, consider the options.


There are a wide selection of DIY solar power kits now on the market, priced more affordably than a generator and that offer a solution for temporary power without worrying about noise levels, making sure you have diesel or petrol available, or the toxic fumes that spew out of these machines. Search for solar power kits on Google or other search engine and you will be given pages and pages of local suppliers for these reasonably easy to install kits.

The Greenfields Solar Lighting Kit  is an advanced portable solar lighting system, ideal for camping and remote areas . It is pollution-free and an excellent replacement for conventional kerosene lamps, lanterns and candles.





The Greenfields Solar Lighting Kit can run two LED bulbs and a universal mobile phone battery charger. It can also be used to charge NOKIA mobile phones directly. The solar energy generated by the solar panel during the day is stored in the battery and it can supply power to the LED bulbs for approximately 8-12 hours.

BettaLight is a lighting system for low cost and informal housing, remote villages and farming communities or outdoor recreational and emergency/stand-by lighting requirements. The products come standard with a cell phone charger.

As a natural resource for South Africans, surely it makes more sense to invest in clean solar power, that is free as and when you need it. The initial investment to install the kit is relatively low when compared to a generator and, although it may not power up your entire home, it will ensure that you have light and pre-determined facilities until Eskom power resumes.