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Shabby Chic Onlays in South Africa

Now you can purchase Shabby Chic onlays and embellishments locally for easy delivery and at an affordable price.


Shabby Chic as a decorating style continues to endure, especially with the launch of chalk paints in South Africa, What has to date been frustrating, is the lack of availability of onlays and embellishments for decorating Shabby Chic style furniture. Up until now, if you wanted to add decorative onlays and embellishments, you had to order these from overseas.

Now you can buy Shabby Chic onlays, embellishments, swags and pediments from a local manufacturer. Established out of the frustration of not being able to source items locally, started carving and making their own moulds for a wide range of Shabby Chic decorations.





Comparable to overseas products but more affordable, Rustic Bling offers a range of resin-based onlays and embellishments that are pliable and can be bent to shape around corners and curves - products that can be painted with chalk paints, spray paints, or almost any type of paint.

The team had to go through the process of learning new skills - from carving to making their own resin moulds - and now have a product to be proud of.