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Joybird Review 2019

Described as mid-century furniture, Joybird's products are customizable to the tastes and desires you hold.


There comes a time in all our lives where we take a look at our home, and find that it’s time to change things up. And what better way to do that than changing the furniture? So it’s only natural that you might've thought about the right type of furniture to invest in. Which brand should you be getting is a question that ought to have crossed your mind at least a few dozen times. Especially if you're thinking about quality that will last. Whether it's trendy you're looking for or if it's a sofa to match your coffee table, when looking for an ambient theme to fill your house with wonder, Joybird furniture are imperative in having that desire enhanced. With the ever bright collection they offer, there will not come a day where awe falls out of sight.

About Joybird

This company, which is based in the famously renowned City of Angels aka Los Angeles, manufactures a great variety of furniture for your home. It's an online-based company whose product's style is mainly modernistic, distinguished by their wide array of bright, happy colors.

Described as mid-century furniture, Joybird's products are customizable to the tastes and desires you hold, leaving very little room for letdowns. This is done through a process between yourself and the easy to use website, taking you through each and every detail to produce a unique and one-of-a-kind product to mirror your equally unique experience. Should that prove difficult, you can choose to contact a representative of the company for more help. Though it is important that you know products of Joybird take a considerably lengthy time in the making. Usually 6 weeks if you hadn’t opted for the fast delivery service which they offer at an extra payment.

One of the popular methods they use include planting more trees than were used in the making of your product. Efforts that are certain to win your heart over, as it services your worries for the environment all whilst providing your house with furniture.

Their furniture is mostly handcrafted using raw materials that are of quality. A quality that will have you relishing once you receive your shipment.


Well, contrary to what you might think, there are profits to be gained from furniture, with added benefits given by the brand. This particular brand is generous with the benefits it introduces into the lives of its customers, and here's how:

· Custom Designs- As mentioned earlier, this brand offers the chance to customize your own furniture. With everything from color to size and even shape, this brand takes you through a joyride unlike anything you've seen before. Now, you are able to make that modern, queer-looking coffee table, or that eccentric shaped, mid-century sofa. Anything really, it’s like your very own genie.

· A wide selection of quality- Since Joybird manufactures anything you might need in your home, they do so with quality. They aren’t a mass producing company, and as such they give you their undivided attention in collaboration with textile of the highest caliber.

· Eco-friendly- While it’s part of their allure to make good on their promise of planting more trees than is used in making your furniture, you can rest assured knowing that the world is thankful for their efforts of having planted more than a staggering 400,000 trees. A company that gives more than it takes.

· Lifetime warranty and 365 day trial- Yes, that's right. Joybird offers a lifetime warranty over any purchased item of theirs. If this wasn’t comforting enough as it is, then you must know that they offer a 365 day trial for their products. With confidence in what they produce, you become confident too.

· Reasonable pricing- With a number of captivating perks you must be thinking that a hefty price tag does accompany it. However, it’s not as bad as you may think, in fact, it’s not much expensive in comparison to the average price of furniture. The starting price of their products ranges from between $150-$1400. Which is amazing considering the number of merits it holds.

That's just the tip of the iceberg, as according to customers the quality is beyond imaginable. However, if you’re looking for more Joybird reviews you might want to surf the web in search of the specifics you're looking for. If it’s legitimacy you’re worried about then worry no more, for there are numerous positive reviews that account for the excellent reputation the company champions.


As you must’ve figured, nothing in this world could ever be that perfect. Unfortunately, there are a few points worth mentioning that could prove to be somewhat disadvantageous, and here they are:

· Pricier than other online competitors- Whilst it’s true that their prices are reasonable when considering all the factors put into the production of an item. Still, other online-based companies do offer lower prices, setting their competitors with an edge of being more affordable. Especially as it’s not an ideal purchase for those on a budget.

· Could take a really long time to get to you- Although it claims to take 6-7 weeks, which is long enough, it could sometimes take longer. If there were manufactured failures they will then have to rebuild your order, which could add a lot of time for its shipment. That could be troublesome if you were planning on the lengthy 6-7 weeks.

It is true that Joybird’s customized service is near-perfect to the point where one can possibly go on a limb and say that it is unrivaled. Though considerations must be made as well as an advance planning with regards to your budget and willingness to wait. As according to some customers the wait is excruciatingly long, and if you’re budgeted, perhaps other options may hold a greater appeal. Otherwise, the integration of quality and style make it for a runner up to the furniture brand you may not need, but want and desire. Especially as it is rare that you'll ever come from a customer that’s been completely disappointed with the outcome. It's just as rare that you’ll come across one with a shred of disappointment in the first place. Joybird’s furniture is definitely worth a go.



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