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Rawlplug’s new easy solution kits

Rawlplug has complete branded kits with all that you need for the job -  plugs, screws, and even the drill bit


Rawlplug pay great attention to the correct selection and installation of fixings, and realise the importance of considering the nature of the substrate, characteristics of the load and other factors associated with the application. To support customers in choosing the products best suited for the application, the company offers ready solution kits developed for the most common piece of equipment and home appliances, such as sinks, toilets, mirrors, curtain rods, shelves, and TV sets.

The hanging plastic packs are clearly branded for the specific use and task, so that all you need to do is look for the bold heading on the pack; Shelving Kit, Garden Gate Kit, Flat Screen TV Kits, Bathroom Accessory kits etc., and so on.





The kits come with everything you need to do the job, so no time is wasted in searching for the correct product or looking for instore sales help. Each pack comes with the correct screw bits and plugs, as well as the correct masonry bit. Everything you need for the job is in the pack.

Rawplug products are available from leading hardware stores countrywide. For more information visit