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PRO TECH world leaders in Professional Router Bits

Pro Tech offer the most comprehensive range of specialist, affordable quality router bits.


Pro-Tech Router Bits are known by Woodworkers in the professional and Do-it-Yourself trade for over 35 years. Not only are their router bits and spindle moulder sharper than other cutters, they are also the most affordable and excellent quality with an extreme range of options. One can go on line and select the exact bit for the job, there is an online catalogue under Pro Tech which will show you the bit and the cut it designed to do.

"Each router bit is clearly marked with the catalogue number for easy selection, as well as the neat merchandising in our countrywide dealer stores,” said Ryan Hunt - Sales and Marketing Director for Vermont Sales. “Pro-Tech has a huge selection of bits for every routing job, going online will show and help you to select the correct bit for any job. When it comes to design, technology, quality and general router information Pro-Tech are certainly the specialists.” said Hunt.

Pro- Tech router bits are a leading brand in the Vermont Sales operation and are available at all leading stores countrywide. For more information on your nearest retail outlet contact



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