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Product Review: Gripseal Pavecote vs Prominent Paver Paint

After 4 years it's time to refresh the patio with a new coat of paving paint.



After over 3 years since I last painted the outdoor paving, it's time to give it a new coat. I usually do this task in spring before the rains come and it gives the paving a fresh, clean look that looks great. With all the DIY and stuff going on in my home almost 24/7, I always get paint drips, sealer stains and similar damaging the finish, not to mention hadida and lourie poop, and that's why it is necessary for me to do the re-coating.

This year, since I was already at Builders, I decided to give Gripseal Pavecote a try. I normally use Prominent Paints Roof and Paving paint, but since I was already in Builders I decided now was the time so I grabbed a 20 litre bucket of Ashford at a cost of R918.00. I wasn't too happy with the colour, but decided a 'change is as good as a holiday' and it might be nice for something new.





The paving was cleaned and scrubbed down the day before and then left to dry overnight, so everything was ready to go the next day.

The bucket of paint was given a good stir to make sure the paint was well mixed. The method I normally use when painting the paving is to use a large paintbrush to fill in along the gaps and edges and then go over this with a paint roller.

As the paint was being applied I noticed that it didn't give the coverage I usually get with my usual paint. As more was applied it was obvious that more than one coat would need to be applied, not to mention that the colour looked absolutely awful. I know I thought a change would be good, but this colour looked that washed-out concrete and not very attractive at all.

Please note that this is a personal review and should in no way influence your purchasing choices. You are more than welcome to try this product for yourself.







Time to revert back to my trusted favourite paving paint. I have been using Prominent Paints Roof and Paving paint for many years and know that I always get excellent results, plus they have a much nicer colour range to offer. Their terracotta colour is not quite as orange as other brands and it offers high coverage with a single coat. Plus, they offer a 12-year guarantee.

Having used Prominent Paints products for over 20 years, I have yet to have a single problem. And while it's not in-store at my local Builders, my nearest Prominent Paints store is only a 10-minute drive away. And yes, the product is more expensive, but at the end of the day you DO get what you pay for.




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