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Natural Masterpiece - Plants In Stone

Now you can bring the beauty of nature in to your home with these gorgeous Plant In Stone masterpieces.


Plants In Stone lets you bring the beauty of nature into your home with a selection of natural masterpieces that are set in stone. From the fractures in a weathered rock, nature produces a unique work of art that you can put on display in your home or garden.





Infusing the beauty of nature with an artistic eye, each natural masterpiece brings something unique to your home or office. Resting in a natural cradle of natural stone, you can purchase from a selection of cacti, love palm, tree fern or bonsai to add something different to any room in a home. These natural sculptures range in size from 1kg up to 50kg.







Now you can bring nature indoors - even if you don't have a green thumb. Select a plant, succulent or cacti that doesn't require everyday maintenance and watch your sculpture grow.

Plants in stone provide an organic touch to your home - or your outdoor entertaining areas - and add visual interest to a windowsill, shelf or tabletop display.

For more information on the Plants In Stone concept, visit their website:



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