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Olfa MXP-AL and MXP-L model cutters

State of the art units and in a class of their own - the New Olfa MXP-AL and MXP-L model cutters are the first ever die-cast aluminium body units.



The new MXP-L (wheel lock) design, with its solid 18mm blade handle with its chrome-plated and hardened blade channel, takes Olfa to a new level in the cutting industry and is in a class of its own. The MXP-L equips the solidly built single-piece metal Wheel Lock with a satin finished surface, which is especially designed for a comfortable grip. Added to this is the visual harmony of the premium robust new finish.





The new MXP -AL (Auto Lock) with its X-design, solid 18mm handle, is also fitted with a chrome-plated and hardened blade channel that is ahead of its time. The MXP-AL features the most advanced Auto-Lock slider which is wide and thin not to get in the way of the comfortable grip. The handle is compact, being equal in size to a X-design handle making it easy to use in all types of cutting.

Both units have a handy slot for attaching to a key ring, carabiner clip or tether and incorporate a tool-less blade change system.

For more information on the Olfa products or to find your nearest supplier visit  and look for Olfa.