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Olfa's New SK-15 Disposable Concealed Blade Safety Knife

OLFA blades are manufactured using top quality materials, forged with technology that has its roots in traditional sword-making.


This compact, durable knife is fitted with an ultra-sharp stainless steel blade in a protected blade channel, providing ultimate user safety. The stainless steel blade offers far longer life than conventional carbon blades and requires 25% less pulling force than the leading competitor. Not only does this give a longer blade life, but it also goes a long way towards reducing user fatigue.

The Safety Knife is designed to allow users maximum cutting performance with high-quality blades that are designed, developed, and manufactured in Japan.









The symmetrical wedge-shaped handle is designed for right and left-handed ease of use, while the nose also acts as an integrated tape splitter for puncturing, opening and cutting packing tape. The end of the handle features an oversized loop that allows the tool to be hung from a hook or tethered to a lanyard.

The Olfa SK-15 is available at leading retail outlets country and sold in packs of 10 units. For more information on this product, via the video at

For more information on the Olfa products go to  and look for Olfa.



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