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Olfa L5-AL/AFB Cutter

Olfa’s new L5-AL/LFB Cutter with low friction Fluorine Coated Blade that reduces the cut resistance drastically when cutting through cardboard.


The new OLFA L5-AL X with ComfortGrip is a heavy-duty ultra-smooth cutter with Auto-Lock. It utilizes the most popular sure grip handle made of elastomer and glass-fibre-reinforced polypropylene that is acid, acetone, and oil resistant. Built-into this handle is the metal end-wing for multi-purpose applications.

Olfa have selected the popular comfort grip handle for this model, incorporating the black rubber surround for a comfortable safe soft grip, adding the sliding click auto-lock feature and metal wing to the end for multiple uses, plus their new Low Friction Fluorine Coated Speed blade.





The new Olfa blister pack comes packed with a free spare Excel black speed blade. "Olfa have taken their leading flagship cutter to another level with these new features," said Vermont Sales Director, Ryan Hunt. "The Olfa team are always ahead of the game with their improvements, upgrades and new products. It’s an exciting brand with an outstanding range of products for a huge target market from almost all industries, all types of businesses, home decorators, dress makers and DIYers. The Olfa cutter is used almost everywhere,"” said Hunt.

For more information on the Olfa products go to the Vermont Sales web site and look for Olfa.