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Olfa 'green' cutters

The Japanese cutter giant, Olfa, who have been producing cutters since 1956, have just launched their eco-friendly, cutters made from recycled material.


"When it comes to new products, innovation, development and making a statement in the market, the Olfa company must be the leaders," said Ryan Hunt Sales Director Vermont Sales. There is never a dull moment with the Olfa brand - new innovative exciting products keep on arriving, their range of cutters is huge they have cutting solutions for every conceivable market.





The new 'green' series consists of:


Auto-lock standard-duty model with a pocket clip/blade snapper. For both right- and left-handed uses. Handle and all plastic parts made from 100% recycled materials. Easy disassembly for next recycling. The ES-1 is a Japanese Eco-marked product authorized by JEA, and conforms to the Japanese standard on promoting green purchasing.


The world’s most popular safety knife. The auto-retracting blade safety knife SK-4 cuts back on injuries. For both right- and left-handed users. Handle and all plastic parts made from 100% recycled materials without sacrificing on durability and handle comfort.


The compact auto-retracting blade safety cutter SK-7, designed with a lighter weight, fits most hand sizes. Flush and low-positioned blade slider reduces accidental blade exposure while carrying inside a pocket. For both right- and left-handed users. Easy disassembly for next recycling. A Japanese eco-marked product authorized by JEA.


The original and world’s most popular multi-purpose heavy-duty cutter, L-1 now has added an environment-friendly version. Handle made from recycled ABS without sacrificing its original durability and ergonomic design.

For more information on the Olfa products visit and look for Olfa. Olfa is available from all leading supplier’s country wide.