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The perfect glass scraper

When you need to remove paint, varnish or sealer from glass, the new Olfa Glass Scraper goes lower than any other scraper.


Cleaning up after painting can be a mission, but the new Olfa GR-1 Glass scraper has been designed to go in lower than any other scraper, allowing the thin design to remove paint, varnish or sealer easily from any flat glass surface.

The profile of the Olfa Glass Scraper is ideal for cleaning glass windows -  with or without a detergent - and for removing adhesives, paint or anything left on a glass surface.

The handle and safety blade cover are made of glass-fibre, reinforced PP known for its strength, rigidity, and being acetone resistant. The blade, holding plate and screws are all stainless steel, perfect for use with water and detergents.





The blade cover doubles up as a comfortable handle and spare blades are available for all leading outlets (coded BLA GSB-1S).

For more information on Olfa products, go to Olfa is available at leading hardware stores countrywide.