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Save Money on the Olfa Crafter's Bundle

Take advantage of the Olfa special this Woodworking Wednesday and get the Olfa Crafter's Bundle at R999 - today only!


The Olfa Crafter's Bundle on special offer for today only consists of [1] Olfa Carpet or Lino Cutter, [1] Olfa Compass Cutter and [1] Olfa Mount Board Mat Cutter. All of these are on special at R999.00 - today only!  The design of this cutter allows for easy cutting of poly resin sheets, roofing felt, foundation membranes, landscaping mesh, vinyl, carpet and linoleum. In addition to carpet and linoleum, also use this cutter for cardboard, artificial turf, paper, leather and more.

The Olfa 45-C Carpet / Lino Cutter has a rotary blade and flat bottom that allow for controlled cutting without damaging the surface underneath. You can also quickly change and replace the blades when necessary.

Furniture manufacturers and electronics manufacturers like this product as when cutting shrink-wrap off pallets, their products don’t get damaged. The cutter features: professional safe slider, suitable for carpet and linoleum, hanging pad is made of hardened plastic and with round corners and an ergonomic handle.   

The Olfa range of cutters is available via and is available at select hardware and crafts stores countrywide.



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