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Kohler launches ModernLife™ Collection

Kohler has created a superior blend of comfort and convenience in their new ModernLife™ bathroom range. Every aspect of the contemporary design has been crafted with the aim of achieving ultimate hygiene. It is designed for cleanliness, comfort, and convenience.


Kohler's ModernLife™ wall-hung toilet is the new standard in effortless hygiene and cleaning offering an ultra-thin easy-lift seat – keeping necessary contact to a minimum. The seat itself is removable with a simple vertical lift – perfect for the ultimate in bathroom cleanliness. and having a slim design seat.

• 100% truly rimless bowl ensures no hidden dirt traps, no stains, and super-easy cleaning.

• Easy lift seat which is modern and ultra-thin thin seamless lid designed to limit contact for hygienic purposes.

• Easy all-round cleaning – the unique streamlined design facilitates effortless and quick cleaning under the toilet.

• Bevelled edge - designed for drainage of excessive liquid into the bowl to prevent unhygienic build-up.

• Easy seat removal - the fully detachable seat allows thorough easy cleaning.





Created with timeless simplicity in mind, the Kohler ModernLife™ basins follow the trend in contemporary countertop basin design with a gorgeous sense of simplicity. The DFI coating reinforces its modern aesthetic and makes for effortless cleaning in a single swift motion.

• Seamless – soft curves and clean lines ensure there are no hidden areas making cleaning easy and fast.

• DFI coating - stain resistant coating to ensure effortless cleaning.

• Available in two variants – choose between the vessel without a tap deck, or the vessel which includes a tap deck.

ModernLife™ is versatile: Perfect for small bathroom design in the modern apartment or equally for generous spaces that demand the best trending bathroom ideas. Its elegant design reinforces the functional aesthetic of these bathroom essentials – simplifying cleaning requirements to make modern life just that much more - effortless.

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