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Good Buy - Mitre Box and Backsaw

Having recently bought a couple of mitre box and backsaw sets, I wanted to share this bargain buy with you.


The DIY Divas recently hosted a Picture Frame Workshop at our venue in Randpark Ridge. For this workshop I needed a couple of extra Mitre Box and Backsaw sets for the ladies and guys to use to cut moulding to fit around their finished picture frames. I shopped around for the best prices and found this good buy at Gelmar.

Mitre box and backsaw sets range in price from R130 to R175 for the mitre box only, up to R500 for the mitre box and backsaw at various suppliers, but I managed to grab a couple from Gelmar at R129 for the mitre box and backsaw. The quality is great and the saw is comfortable to use, plus the mitre box has all the angles you need when cutting moulding in wood or polystyrene.






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