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Mini Tools from Tork Craft

Tork Craft have comprehensive range of mini rotary power tools, as well as a selection of accessory kits, that are ideal for hobby and DIY enthusiasts. These mini rotary tools can do a wide range of tasks such as cleaning, polishing, cutting, sanding and carving.


The Tork Craft range of Mini Power Tools are ideal for jobs such as cleaning, polishing, cutting, sanding and carving, plus you can do even more with the Tork Craft accessory sets. Perfect for hobby and DIY enthusiasts, to mention all the uses of these mini rotary power tools will take forever, as there is not much these tools cannot do.





Tork Craft also have comprehensive range of accessory sets that can be used in conjunction with the mini tools, as well as the very useful Flexible shaft. Plus, you can purchase the accessories individually to keep your sets updated.

The Tork Craft mini tools and accessory sets are available from leading outlets countrywide. To find your nearest retail outlet visit