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How To Choose A Perfect Microwave For Your Kitchen

Choosing the perfect microwave for your kitchen is not an easy task.


A microwave is one of the kitchen appliances you cannot live without. It can be used when cooking fast foods and food preparation for instance when defrosting. However, choosing the perfect microwave for your kitchen is not an easy task whether you are remodeling your kitchen, upgrading your appliances or replacing a broken unit. There are some factors that you should consider to make the right choice.

Some of the factors you should consider include the following:

1. Cost and budget

The price of a microwave usually varies depending on its size, type and model/brand. If you are looking to save some money, you need to set a maximum of the amount you are willing to spend because you can get overwhelmed when buying. However, it is important to understand that there are some features that you will use to come up with your budget. For instance, you need to choose the features you would like to have in a microwave.





In most cases, an ordinary microwave with basic features can cost around $100. On the other hand, upper-level models, especially the best built in microwaves can cost $400 or even more.

Some of the features you need to consider are:
• Auto-cook
• Defrost
• Power levels
• Auto-reheat
• Turntables on or off
• Sensor functions
• Removable racks
• Child lock
• Keep warm feature
• Quick minute functions

2. Space

Availability of space in your kitchen can also determine the size of microwave you will buy. Before you make a budget, you will have to look at the design of your kitchen and decide where you want the microwave to be. The space available will enable you to determine whether you will buy a microwave of the same size model or you will upgrade. Furthermore, since there are other microwave models and designs, you can decide to replace a countertop microwave with a wall mount or an overhead microwave depending on your budget and preferences.

3. Type

There are several types of microwaves designed to economize on space, money and time.

Therefore, when choosing a microwave, you will have to choose between the following types:

i. Countertop model microwave – They are very popular and common because they are affordable and easy to install. You just need to buy the microwave, choose a designated place in your kitchen (mostly on your counter), connect it to a source of power and that’s it.

ii. Over the range models – These models are installed over your stove and oven. They are common because all the cooking areas are in one place, thus saving time and energy while cooking. In addition, they save a lot of space because they are placed on top of your stove/oven. Finally, you may need the help of an electrician to handle installation and make sure that electrical lines are fine.

iii. Built-in models – These microwaves are usually installed into a wall surrounded by cabinetry or installed beneath the cabinetry. They economize on space, especially when you have limited space or your kitchen design does not allow much space.

Apart from the factors listed above, you need to research more about different models and brands because there are significant differences. You may have to visit consumer websites and social media platforms to read reviews and comments from other people. Finally, whether you are buying a microwave for the first time or you intend to upgrade/replace the unit you’ve, take your time to gather necessary information.