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Mend-A-Chip and Chip Repair Kit

I have previously featured Mend-A-Chip on the website, but a new addition to the product range got me quite excited. Their new Chip Repair Kit offers a quick, affordable and easy way to touch-up chips in the home.


The new colour addition to the range means that you can touch up laminate cabinets and doors and, more importantly, laminate floors. Scratches on laminate floors can look ugly and it's difficult to disguise scratches. With the new Wood & Laminate Chip Repair Kit you can mix up the exact colour to touch-up any scratches.





You can use the Wood & Laminate Chip Repair Kit on any laminate furniture - or painted furniture for that matter - to touch-up chips. Here I touched-up a white cabinet with the white chip repair.

The selection of standard colours can be mixed to create custom colours to repair a chip on almost any laminate surface.

The Wood & Laminate Chip Repair Kit comes complete with easy instructions, a colour chart, 6 standard colours, mixing cards so that you can mix up standard colours easily and mixing sticks.

The Mend-A-Chip Kit also contains a liquid paste filler for deep chips in tiles, as well as sanding strips and finishing strips for matt finish.

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