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Measure and mark all-in-one

The Tork Craft tape measure can measure and mark all-in-one - up to 50,000 times!


There's nothing worse than lugging all your tools to do a project, or visit a job site, and realise you have nothing to write or mark with. This handy tape measure from Tork Craft lets you measure and mark all-in one.



Everyone uses a tape measure at one time or another and it's one of the first and foremost accessory to have in your tool box. A good quality, accurate and reliable tape measure is essential if you want to avoid making mistakes and being able to measure and mark accurately is a bonus.





This new Tork Craft ME07825 tape measure measures and marks all in one operation. It measures and marks by locking the measuring blade and then activating the marker on the tape by pressing the attached button -  giving you all in one - MEASURE - LOCK – MARK - RELEASE feature. Plus it lets you do this up to 50 000 times.

The 8-metre-long tape is manufactured of tough carbon steel and features a reinforced hook and belt catch. The body is made from durable industrial plastic with a tough rubberized surround for protection. The Tork Craft measure and mark is available at leading retail outlets countrywide. For more information visit or



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