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Custom crafted leather handles

Dress your home with the ultimate luxury... custom door and cabinet handles crafted from leather.


Feast your eyes on the gorgeous crafted leather Mandelli handles, available exclusively from Handles Inc. In collaboration with David C.D. Italia, Mandelli hand-stitched leather handles offer the ultimate luxury detailing for the discerning homeowner.

Mandelli1953 has proudly designed discerning items for clients for over 60 years. Quality for Mandelli1953, besides the undisputable technological characteristics of its products, refers to a patience and passion for detail; an uncompromising attention to a well manufactured product. It's the unique details that make the difference.





When an object is beautiful, everyone desires it, and Mandelli1953 pays utmost attention to the aesthetics of its products. It is the details that give value to doors, whilst revealing the character of the owners of the house or of working spaces. Creations are never by chance but are born out of meticulous research, to offer design handles to minimalists, contemporary handles to pragmatists, classic handles to traditionalists and country handles to naturalists.