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Kreg launches 310 and 320 - affordable Pocket-Hole Jigs

If you have been waiting to get your hands on a Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig but couldn't afford the cost, the new 310 and 320 models come at a very affordable price.


The Kreg Model 310 Pocket-Hole Jig. This system offers the same advantages as the 320 model but is a single unit that is slightly cheaper and offering fewer components.

The newly launched Kreg 310 and 320 Pocket-Hole Jigs now make it easier and more affordable to build your projects. These two models let you start building your first DIY project, or add to your tool collection if you have been working with timber and board materials for years. The Kreg Model 310 retails at around R520 and the Kreg Model 320 at around R600.







The Kreg 310 and 320 Pocket-Hole Jigs, just as with the rest of the Kreg Jig range, have a basic, easy-to-understand setup that provides you with the capability required to assemble your DIY projects with boards, solid wood and plywood of any thickness between 13 to 38 mm.

Kreg Model 320 Pocket-Hole Jig

This model features two drill guides, a removable spacer, convenient material-thickness stops and 40 Kreg pocket-hole screws. As with all Kreg Jig systems, the model 320 is easy to set up with a convenient clamp adapter and an anti-slip base that holds the jig precisely in position while drilling - the end result is perfectly positioned pocket holes - every time.







The Kreg 320 offers durable construction with hardened-steel guides for a lifetime warranty. Investing in any Kreg Pocket-Hole Jig allows you to perform consistently accurate, variable pocket-hole spacing with the twist-apart drill guides. Removable spacers allow for secure positioning and simple set up with anti-slip base and included clamp adapter. Use the material-thickness gauge for foolproof set up with a material-thickness gauge, positive stops, and easy-set drill bit and stop collar. The new durable construction comes with a lifetime drill-guide warranty

Storage of the jig and included components is in a durable, compact case that has enough space to store Kreg Pocket-Hole Screws.

Use the Kreg 320 for all your DIY projects, including both indoor and outdoor tasks, as well as making household repairs to cabinets, cupboards, doors and the like.



The Kreg Model 320 Pocket-Hole Kit can be used for assembling all your DIY projects and features a Twist-Apart Design, while the drill guides and spacer twist and lock make it easy to set pocket-hole spacing.

The Clamp Adapter is a convenient attachment for simple and quick clamping using KregĀ® and other clamps.

Kreg is a major brand from Vermont Sales and is available at leading outlets countrywide. For more information talk to your local retail outlet or visit



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