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7 Small Kitchen Appliances That Are Worth Buying

Food preparation for your family can be made more effortless with the aid of kitchen gadgets and appliances.



Preparing food for you and your family can be made more effortless with the aid of kitchen gadgets and appliances. However, with all the brands and kinds of gadgets and appliances for the kitchen out in the market today, finding the one that you really need may be challenging. It can be even more difficult to acquire these appliances if you have a limited space in your kitchen.

Fortunately, there are small kitchen appliances that can fit perfectly in your counters. The experts behind KitchenGearoid believe that you need these small kitchen tools for you to create sumptuous dishes for you and your family effortlessly. While you don’t really need a lot, some of the appliances listed below are the ones worth buying.


Coffee Maker

A coffee maker is a vital appliance in your kitchen, particularly when you cannot start your day without having your caffeine fix. The smell of freshly brewed coffee will definitely awaken your senses. Coffee makers are not only found in the kitchen but you can also find them in offices and conference rooms because they are quite convenient to carry around.



Toasters work hand in hand with your coffee maker, particularly in preparing for breakfast. This small kitchen appliance can instantly crisp up bread and bagels, ready for peanut butter and jam spreads. Toasters work very well in melting cheese and warming up food too. But aside from this, there are several other dishes that you can make with a toaster such as strudels or even chicken breast.


Microwave Ovens

In this modern day and age, almost all kitchens are already equipped with microwave ovens that complement a fast-paced life. These ovens have the capability to heat food, or cook food, in less than half the time it takes for a conventional oven to do so. They are also easy to operate and most are durable, lasting a couple of years or even more, even with daily use.
There are built-in microwave ovens, and there are also counter-top ones. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages but their basic functionality remains the same. Just make sure that you use microwave-safe containers in heating or cooking your food to ensure your safety.


Slow Cooker

Slow cookers, also known as crock pots, employ a long cooking process under low temperatures. Thus, these cookers have the capability to tenderize meat, bringing out its full flavor. There are numerous dishes that you can prepare using a slow cooker such as one-pot meals, soups, and stews. While what these recipes call for may vary, make sure that you trim the fat from the meat before slow cooking and reduce the liquid that you use too. The latter will ensure that your slow cooker doesn’t leak from the top.


Food Processors

Food processors are very handy, especially when it comes to chopping your vegetables in a short amount of time. These often come with different blade attachments that you can choose from, depending on the cut that you need, whether it is chopping, slicing, shredding, grinding, and even making a puree. Thus, you can turn cookies in crumbs for the base of a pie in a matter of seconds.



Blenders are important for those with infants and toddlers because with this tool, you can efficiently mix up juices or soups for your little one. It is also a great appliance for those who love smoothies and shakes. Its motor is generally less powerful than that of a food processor, with its blades a little less sharp too. For this reason, a blender is better used in processing and mixing together liquids.



Mixers are also handy particularly for those who love to bake. This saves them time in stirring up bread dough or cake batter. This small kitchen appliance also makes it effortless for the baker to mix wet and dry ingredients, such as flour and eggs. Some mixers even come with attachments for kneading.

In conclusion, small kitchen appliances will definitely help you in cooking and preparing the food and beverages that your family love. Start up everyone’s day with brewed coffee from your reliable coffee maker. Invest in toaster and microwave ovens because with these, you will be able to cook food in less time. Conversely, a slow cooker will ensure that you will be able to have a meal served no matter how busy you are. Also equip your kitchen with food processors and blenders that will hasten your ingredient preparation, as well as a mixer to help you prepare the cravings of your sweet tooth.



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