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Howard Finish Fill - A way to fill and repair wood projects

If you like making, restoring or refinishing wood projects, Howard Finish Fill Stick is an easy way to fill and repair scratches, cracks and dents.


If you enjoy working with wood, the Howard 7-piece Finish Fill Stick is just the thing. You can use the Finish Fill stick to quickly and easily touch-up and repair scratches, dents, nail and screw holes, and most other defects in the finish of your wood projects.

Available in 7 wood tints, you can also use the Howard Finish Fill stick to repair furniture projects, fix wood panelling, disguise scratches in laminate floors and restore wood veneer finishes.

Howard Finish Fix is a semi-hard putty that doesn't require any special tools to set hard, and is fade resistant. Choose the right colour for your repairs and hide damages.



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